LMC Security Ltd offer vehicle ECU remapping services at our fantastic work unit in Hollingbury, Brighton.

We use the latest high tech equipment from the likes of AlienTech and GYS and use ECU files from one of the UK’s leading, most highly regarded tuning companies Quantum Tuning Ltd.

We offer Stage 1 tuning. This option is effectively the option that requires no other tuning hardware, like exhaust system and induction upgrades etc. Its what 99% of customers require and benefit from.

Our pricing starts at £249.00 plus VAT and we offer various ECU Remapping options including

  1. Engine Performance.
  2. Fuel Economy.
  3. 50/50- a best compromise of both of the above.
  4. Speed Limiter Add or Remove.
  5. DPF.
  6. Add Blue.

The beauty of our remapping service is that all options will improve your vehicles general performance over standard. So if you request an ECU remap purely to gain an improvement in your vehicles fuel economy, this will still give you an improvement in engine performance too.. and likewise, with a engine performance remap you will see an improvement in your vehicles fuel economy (everyday/urban use). Its win win when you have LMC Security Ltd remap your vehicles ECU.

There’s nothing to lose either In the highly unlikely event that your remap for whatever reason is not successful you will not be charged.

Interested in having your vehicles ECU remapped? or would like to discuss anything further?

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