Slamlocks are a fantastic way to keep yours and your customers goods safe whilst on your van prior to being delivered. Slamlocks work by disabling the door handle of whichever door they are fitted too. The Slamlock then becomes the only method by which that door can be opened.

The Slamlock key will be required each and every time the door needs to be opened and the door will automatically lock every time the door is shut.

With Slamlocks installed your parcels are automatically secured within the van when the door is shut giving you peace of mind and helping to keep you as efficient as possible.

Van Lock Security

We can supply and install 2 Slamlocks (1 for the rear door and 1 for the side door) for £290.00. The Slamlocks are supplied with 3 identical keys. We are fully mobile and come to you to carry out the installation.

If you need Slamlocks installed on your van, Call LMC Security Ltd today, we are the experts and have built a reputation for not only the highest quality van security installations but also for our customer service. We are always happy to advise on your vehicle security requirements.

We also supply and install Reverse Camera Systems, White Noise Reverse Alarms, Trackers And Dashcams….

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