We supply Van Specific High-security Hooklocks manufactured by L4V (Locks 4 Vans). Hooklocks are our most popular security upgrade for Vans, they offer a very high level of security, are simple to use and are ideal for anybody that wants to inhibit a potential thief’s ability to gain access to their van and tools. Hooklocks operate in a very similar way to Deadlocks but have the added complication of the bolt not only throwing into the Keep but doing so in a hooking motion.

Van Security Installation Process

At LMC Security Ltd we take great pride in our workmanship. Using our experience in vehicle body repair and modification we use professional bodyshop tools to modify your van, once the cuts to the body are made we carefully deburr all exposed edges before cleaning up and then applying high-performance corrosion inhibitors to protect against the onset of rust.

Locks4Vans Hooklocks

L4V Hooklocks are available in 2 different specifications. S Series and T Series. You can find out exactly how the two series differ on the Locks 4 Vans website HERE but in brief, The S Series uses a standard vertical key profile and cylinder design and the T Series uses a higher specification dimple key profile and a cylinder design with horizontal key entry.

Locks4Vans – S & T Series Hooklock Pricing

Hooklocks are available for all Vans and are our most popular Van Security Upgrade. Contact LMC Security Ltd today for our latest Prices and let us help you to protect your van and tools from theft.

Important To Remember

Adding additional layers of security to your van is always a good idea. Here are our most popular options and all are highly recommended:

Replock with Bezel (Most Ford Vans)
Anti-Drill Plate (Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Nissan Primastar)
OBD Guard (Most Vans)
Vehicle Tracker
Ghost Vehicle Immobiliser

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